Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To our dear friends, colleagues and treasured community,


The past year has brought so many exciting new client partners, challenges, dreams and ups and downs. We are SO grateful for the trust that was placed in us during this unprecedented time, and the collaborative work we had the pleasure of taking on in order to help create a more engaging, honest, reflective and just world. A HUGE thank you to the new clients that sought our expertise, the brilliant partners who helped us execute our vision and every single one of you that made Rile Co. possible from the beginning. Difficult times often bring great well as intense realizations. 


Rachelle has decided to leave our precious company to go on to new adventures and seek a more slow and intentional way of life. So it is with great vulnerability and sadness today that we announce the end of Rile Co. as we all know it. This decision was unexpected and one we did not weigh lightly. We’ll be closing shop at the end of March, but we’ll hope you’ll stay in touch. 


We talk a lot about building emotional connections in the name of honest marketing. And the true fact is, we’ve built an emotional connection with all of you. This time is definitely bittersweet for us. But we’re excited about what tasty surprises and unexpected passion the future holds. Both of us will continue to follow a path of wild ideas and joy, all in effort to leave the world better than we found it.


Have questions, want to figure out what we’re up to, or grab a drink? You can contact us moving forward at – Jen Luecht and Rachelle Hacmac.

This isn’t goodbye. This is just planting the seeds for a vibrant and new life chapter. 



Jen & Rachelle


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